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I know my business needs an onboarding program. Where do I start?

I know my business needs an onboarding program. Where do I start?

Onboarding is the process of welcoming and integrating new employees into your organisation. It helps new employees connect with their new workplace and colleagues, and gives them the training, tools and confidence to hit the ground running. Successful onboarding results in increased cultural integration and productivity and decreased turnover.

Get onboarding right

A successful onboarding program addresses a number of important requirements, including:

  • Safety, first aid and fire warden information
  • Workplace orientation and tours, including parking
  • Security tags, codes and processes
  • Employee handbook
  • Computer and other equipment administration and training
  • Mentorship and checking in process for new employees
  • Formal job-specific training
  • Cultural and social orientation and activities
  • Informal activities such as social events and informal training
  • Long term feedback, review and support processes between management and new employees (up to 12 months)


Onboarding links your recruitment strategy with your workplace cultural and productivity objectives. Without this vital step, you may not get the best out of new employees or even lose them altogether.


We can help you:

  1. Develop a comprehensive and effective onboarding program
  2. Produce the collateral and documentation required for a successful onboarding process
  3. Create company-wide awareness and support of onboarding to maximise new employee integration

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Avoid the risks

The major risks associated with onboarding programs is not having one in the first place! Onboarding is the crucial time between recruitment and a successfully integrated and productive employee.


Some of the common onboarding mistakes employers make include:

  • Not being ready and organised for new employee to start
  • Focusing only on the formal and practical components of onboarding and excluding softer, informal and social activities
  • Not having the right documentation for onboarding including welcome letters, induction manuals and training documents
  • Making the onboarding process too short and expecting the new employee to “sink or swim”


If you are not sure what to do, the best course of action is to get advice from a professional.

We can help

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