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HR on Call is ready to help you take control of the HR needs and obligations of your business. We can help you find, hire, manage and develop and get the best out of your people in the workplace. We can help you mitigate HR risks and exposure. Above all, we can help you feel empowered, in control and positive about your HR decisions, processes and goals. Having the right support and advice at the right time can make all the difference.


Engage with us in the way that works best for you. We can support you over the phone or work alongside you in your business. Our flexible, personalised and value-driven approach puts you in the driver’s seat. As your HR needs grow and change, the ways in which we work together can too.


Whether you need ongoing support or help with one-off or ad-hoc HR projects, you will enjoy working with your own dedicated HR expert. Your consultant will understand exactly how you operate and the cultural needs of your business. This deep level of engagement with your workplace means that you will receive the best advice and support from a proven HR professional with vast experience across both large corporate and small business environments.

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Your consultant will quickly become an invaluable resource within your business and a trusted advisor. We can help you navigate and resolve both straight forward HR tasks and complicated, fraught situations. Best of all, having a dedicated HR expert on your team frees you up to concentrate on other areas of your business.


Take advantage of up-to-date, expert HR advice and support. We’re here to help you:

  • Provide advice on current legislation, including the Fair Work Act, modern awards, long service leave and parental leave
  • Develop effective HR policies and procedures relevant to your business
  • Mitigate HR risk in your organisation through compliance or having the necessary frameworks
  • Navigate difficult HR situations such as unfair dismissal, redundancies and terminations
  • Resolve conflicts such as claims of harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Maximise employee performance and positivity
  • Negotiate Employment Agreements
  • Take a strategic, long-term approach to your HR management
  • Free up your time to focus on your business


Managing HR risk is a key way to protect your business now and into the future. We can evaluate your current risk factors through a comprehensive HR audit which will highlight any areas of exposure. This empowers you to take action before risks become serious problems in areas including:

  • HR policies and procedures
  • The Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards compliance
  • Award coverage and conditions
  • Employee records
  • Employment contracts
  • Assistance in managing your worker’s compensation claims
  • Take control of your HR processes and feel confident and empowered to take the right steps to protect your business.


HR policies and procedures create a legal framework within which to operate. They must reflect relevant legislation, such as Fair Work Act and other laws such as Antidiscrimination laws. They must also be aligned with the unique structure and culture of your organisation. Policies and procedure protect both your business and your employees.

We can make sure your current HR policies and procedures are up to date or help you:

  • Develop comprehensive policies and procedures
  • Reduce business and legal risks
  • Become proactive rather than reactive in your HR functions
  • Set expectations and manager employees more effectively
  • Keep your policies and procedures up to date with the changing legal landscape


    Attracting and keeping the right people is critical to your success. Your people are the lifeblood of your organisation. Get it right, and your business will thrive. Get it wrong, and you could waste so much time and money fixing avoidable problems, missing opportunities and dealing with performance issues.

    We will customise and execute a recruitment process that will help you find the people your business needs and make sure your new recruits hit the ground running.

    We can help you:

    • Develop a winning recruitment strategy.
    • Help attract the right people for your business
    • Create effective recruitment policies and procedures
    • Write job descriptions
    • Write standout job advertisements
    • Conduct interviews and reference checks
    • Develop a positive onboarding experience
    • Write orientation materials and checklists


      Successful job performance requires a joint effort from both employer and employee. We’ll help put in place the processes to get the most out of your people, create opportunities for development, and resolve and avoid underperformance problems.

      We’ll set up both your employees and your business for success with:

      • Career development pathways
      • Training opportunities
      • Coaching
      • Performance appraisals
      • Individual growth plans
      • Issue resolution and mediation
      • Employee retention strategies
      • Exit interviews


          Career development is about considering all the ways in which your company can offer your employees opportunities to grow and enrich their careers through:

          • Training, mentoring and leadership coaching
          • Horizontal as well as vertical career paths
          • Surveys and formal feedback
          • Flexible working arrangements
          • Award analysis
          • Competency framework development

          Career development is an excellent retention strategy to help your employees grow along with your business. It helps make your workplace more attractive to future recruits, and it also helps you develop the skills your business needs within your existing workforce – this is important for your employer brand.


                Times of redundancies and restructuring can be very challenging for organisations. An external HR expert can be invaluable in helping you manage the uncertainties, instability and emotions often present at these times. Professional advice and guidance can also be crucial in ensuring that your company is compliant across all relevant legislation and that the process is managed as efficiently and positively as possible.

                We can help with:

                • Redundancy and restructure planning
                • Compliance advice
                • Outplacement services
                • Employee exiting support
                • Recruitment


                      Successfully navigating your business into the future requires you to take the long view, rather than just focusing on short term problems. We can help. Your expert HR consultant can take an objective look at your growth objectives, and help you plan the HR goals and strategies that will get you there. Cultural change, in particular, takes time and a sophisticated, holistic approach to be successful.

                      Plan for your long-term success with:

                      • Objective, professional HR advice and support
                      • Business growth strategy
                      • Competency framework development
                      • Structural design or redesign
                      • HR risk management
                      • Cultural change programs
                      • Develop your employer brand

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